Adapt It customized for the XO screen

If you have internet access and are using the internet or email on your XO, you should update your Balsa installation periodically, using the Synaptic icon from the Panel.

Click on the Panel icon and provide password when asked. Click on the "Mark All Upgrades" button on Synaptic's toolbar. Then click Apply to  perform the upgrade.

If you are running version 4.1.4 or later of Adapt It, there is an alternative view that makes AI's menus and toolbars show up better on the XO screen. To activate this XO view, do the following:

Right-click on the Adapt It icon on the desktop. Select "Open with Text Editor." Change the line beginning with "Execute=..." to read

   Execute=adaptit -xo

Save and close the text editor. Do this for both OLPC and Balsa users.

(Kim--add: copy also into  ~/... for menu entry)