Programs Included in the Balsa Image

Balsa includes all the programs available in a standard Ubuntu installation. It adds a few additional programs not included with the standard Ubuntu installation
The Balsa user account is set up with a menu system that limits the programs to the ones that will be most useful to a Balsa user.
Programs Available in Balsa User Menus
The Balsa system makes the following programs available to the Balsa User menus. Some programs appear in more than one menu. They are documented below in the first menu in which they appear.
The Work Menu

  • Adaptit - Adaptit is "a computer program that helps translate texts between related languages (a process called adaptation)." The Adaptit website:
  • Documents - The Nautilus file browser opens to the /home/balsa/Documents directory.
  • LibreOffice Write - LibreOffice is an office suite. The word processing function is available from the Balsa user menus. Other types of documents are available through the LibreOffice file menu. The LibreOffice website:
  • Paratext - Paratext is a program which allows you to input, edit, check, and publish a translation of the Scriptures. The Paratext website:
  • Thunderbird - Thunderbird is an email program. The Thunderbird website:

The Write & Draw Menu

The Learning & Fun Menu

Record & Play Menu

  • Audacity - A program for recording and editing sounds. The Audacity website:
  • Cheese - A webcam program. "Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy special effects and lets you share the fun with others." The Cheese website:
  • Screenshot - A screenshot program. This is a part of gnome-utils.
  • Sound Recorder - An application for recording sounds. This is a part of the gnome-media package.

The Internet Menu


Programs Installed in Balsa That Are Not in the Balsa Menu
There are a few programs included in the Balsa image that are not part of the standard Ubuntu distribution. They can be added by the advisor to the Balsa Menu.