Balsa 1.5 Beta 2 has been released

SIL's Language Software Development team for Linux (LSDev-Linux) is pleased to announce the 1.5 Beta 2 release of the Balsa system. There's a Quick Start here.
Balsa is a system that runs on an SD card that turns a netbook into a Basic Language Software Appliance. It contains basic language software with a simple to use interface.
Balsa Features

  • Balsa is free. There are no restrictions on making copies and distributing them to others.
  • The operating system and programs are all contained on a single SD card.
  • Simple upgrading without affecting your data
    • No need for an Internet connection
    • Turn off the machine
    • Put in a new Balsa SD card
    • Turn the machine back on
  • No viruses - ever! No need for an anti-virus program.
  • Can be customized to use languages other than English.
  • Can be customized with other Ubuntu programs.

 To make your own Balsa SD card, you will need:

  • A blank 8 gigabyte minimum SD card
  • A Windows or Linux computer with 9 gigabytes of free temporary space on its hard drive. After the card is made, the temporary files can be deleted.
  • An Internet connection to download about 700 Megabytes

What's New in 1.5 Beta 2?
Here are some of the features of the new release: (previous release is  here):

  • Based on Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)
  • Quick Start Documentation.
  • Balsa now includes Paratext for Linux.
  • WeSay for Linux is temporarily unavailable.
  • The lxlauncher interface has been replaced with a more standard Ubuntu Gnome interface.